Costs are rising

There is a premise that the cemetery will be maintained in perpetuity. The costs of maintaining the grounds have risen dramatically. The Cemetery Board does maintain a “reserve” and tries to operate only with the income received annually from the sale of lots, interest income (which has dropped severely) and interment fees.

Mowing the grass is just the minimum maintenance. There is also insurance, spraying of weeds, and annual tree service has been needed for removal of storm damaged trees or just removal of trees damaged from age.

The cost of preserving the hard surfaced roads has doubled in the past few years. The current gravel portion of the roadways should be hard surfaced. Other ongoing maintenance includes current “wash out” problems, replacing flags, flag poles (one was stolen 2010), upkeep of the vault building, grass seed and dirt fill for graves.

Long term projects, including expansion of the cemetery, will have to be addressed in the future. The property just north of the cemetery is owned by the cemetery for future expansion. But there will be expenses such as a road constructed for entrance to the new addition, seeding, landscaping, additional surveying to establish burial sites and number pegs for new block numbers for new burial sites. All of these items will be very costly.

Few would disagree that the cemetery should be properly maintained as it has been for decades out of respect. But with financial constraints, it is becoming more difficult to plan and to undertake projects which need to be done now and also for the long term projects described previously.

We have a very dedicated Board that puts in a lot of time keeping the cemetery looking neat by picking up branches & limbs, showing lots, answering phone calls – a lot on genealogy – marking out the proper placement of headstones and footmarkers. These projects are done summer, winter, fall and spring—holidays and weekends.

It is the hope of the Board that individuals, organizations, and families as well as others who are interested and that have friends in the cemetery, will find a way to help support the cemetery financially. If you would like to support the ongoing maintenance and upkeep for our beautiful cemetery, contributions can be made to Sakatah Cemetery, c/o Dean Thrun, Treasurer, 50995 State Highway 13, Waterville, MN 56096. Other directors include Karen Morris, Anita Swift, and L. Kim Lloyd.

You may also send your contributions through Paypal by clicking this button .

All gifts or donations are 100% tax deductible. Donations or gifts in any amount are greatly appreciated.