Answers to questions others have asked about columbariums

  1. What is a columbarium? It is a structure of vaults consisting of recesses (niches), designed to house cremanes in an urn. The actual size of the east & west niches is 11 1/8″ wide x 12″ high x 11″ deep. North & south (end) niches are 4″ deep x 23″ wide x 12″ high.
  2. What is a niche? A niche is defined as a recessed compartment to hold urns. Our niches are designed to hold one urn that is sealed with a granite front.
  3. What investment is required to secure a niche? A single payment to Sakatah Cemetery of $1,725.00 purchases one niche. Two burials may be put in this niche IF the urn(s) fit within the required space. The breakdown of this cost is as follows:
    • Niche – $1,000.00
    • Inurnment Fee (open and close) – $150.00 *
    • Bronze Plate (name, birth date & military) – $450.00 **
    • Bronze Death date plate – $125.00 *** Additional charge of $50 if inurnment is on a Sunday or holiday – for a total of $200.00
      ** subject to price increase if necessary2nd inurnment at a later date would cost $150 to be paid at time of purchase or $200 paid at a later date

      If a larger urn(s) is purchased and does not fit into one niche, a second niche would have to be purchased.

  4. What other costs are there? No additional cemetery costs. This price, however, DOES NOT INCLUDE any costs incurred at a mortuary or cremation facility or winter burial.


  1. NO flowers, vases, solar lights, balloons or any other objects may be placed on top of the columbarium or attached to the columbarium
  2. NO drilling, taping, gluing or any other means of fastening may be done to the niche or the columbarium. Be respectful of other adjoining niche owners.
  3. Flowers may be placed on the cement apron for the burial service and must be removed 2 weeks after the burial service. Any remaining flowers or plants will be removed and discarded 2 weeks after burial services.
  4. Flowers may be placed on the cement apron for Memorial Day and must be removed by June 15th. Any remaining plants will be removed and discarded from the cement apron after June 15th.